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Welcome to our Website!
   At Osorio Landscaping, Tree Service, and Construction, we take pride in maintaining your outdoor surroundings for your maximum enjoyment.     If your time outside at your home is important to you, then our company is the right choice for your landscaping and tree services.    Specializing in residential landscaping as well as  in tree services, we offer reliability, experience, and professionalism.   We are FULLY INSURED, and are  committed to your satisfaction, and to carrying  out your specific wishes.     Because our business is based on  building  long term relationships, we are diligent to give carefull attention to detail, so you will want to  use our services on an ongoing basis.   And,  we can provide references from many other satisfied customers.   
   We can create a beautiful outdoor environment
from scratch, or enhance/maintain your existing
yard.    For a list of our services, Click on our
"SERVICES" tab above.

             Call Bill Feeny at  (781) 609-2127  today for a
        free and personal no-obligation consultation.